So its been exactly 9 months since we switched over to non homogenized  milk.. In specific we get the Fresh Milk from sheldon creek farm in ontario. Growing up in pakistan, CJM canteen wasn't exactly the best place to buy food..with my 5 rupees i bought a coke and chilli chips every day.. it was my daily snack.. however We did come come to nutritious healthy meals everyday for lunch. In canada, my kid is in school at 8 30 and from there at 3 he is off to tae kwando and reaches home at 6 pm  5 days a week. At this point I had made up my mind that the Kid is going to only eat whole foods with least amount of junk possible..So we decided to make the switch.. And heres why non homogenized  milk is so much better..Do things the way nature intended..the reason why people are lactose intolerant or have so many allergies is because your milk is processed.. now i know why every time i had regular milk I would get gas.. YES  you heard me GAS !!  thanks to my childhood days of MILK PACK....w…

Chickpea salad with garlic feta

I wouldn't say my kid is a picky eater however he is someone who prefers anything but chicken or meat..In the past I had to figure out ways to make sure he gets his protein intake..After endless attempts of shredding pieces of chicken into minuscule and microscopic shreds he still managed to pick out the tinee-tiny bits out of his mouth and yell out with his eyes fixated on Toopy and Binoo "There is chicken in this" !!!! I as usual would deny this and get THE LOOK from Imaad for lying. LOL ! Our parenting styles differ, he obviously felt lying to the kid is bad regardless of why even if its a white lie. Whereas, me, Ive always felt a white lie that doesnt kill anybody is hardly a lie. I know all you women out there are nodding your heads in agreeance with me. We have all been there ! So recently, I have come to learn that I guess we should accept each other for who we are. In the same way, I feel I should just cater to my kids likes and dislikes and the stress in my lif…

Panera Bread

Often my lunch dates with Imaad end up at Panera Bread. For those who know this place know how cozy and comfy it is on a cold wintery blistery day. The soups just fill your heart with warmth and the salads are scrumptious and delish ! If your looking for a quick bite and dont want to compromise on quality; this place offers clean eating to those that want to skip on the junk food option. The cozy fire place and friendly staff are also another reason I keep going back to this place. MY favourites usually are their Chilled Soba noodle Salad with Shrimp and the vegetarian creamy tomato soup.

whole foods

My experience at wholefoods is always a great one. I can spend close to an hour there walking up and down every single aisle. my favourite section without a doubt is always the meat and seafood section. however on my last trip there i spent close to an hour in the spice aisle.. I have always been intrigued with using saffron in food. Saffron is the dried stigma ( female part of a flower) . Its flavour is woody, bittersweet and slighty honeylike. Saffron is often used in indian cooking however it is also a favourite spice in to north african, arabic and spanish cooking.l !

Swiss chard and turkey bacon Frittata with a 3 cheese blend

stir fry onions, swiss chard and turkey bacon in a skillet. Add wild mushrooms and herbs of ur choice ( i tend to use thyme and sage and always fresh) add garlic..maybe a table spoon and stirfry for a few seconds untill greens tender.

In a seperate bowl beat eggs and milk together and add the mixture of stirfry and cheese into the eggs.. Pour the mixture into a glass baking dish and bake till mixture firm. usually 7 to 9 mins..


my red velvet cupcakes

Baking has never been my forte however I felt inspired to make red velvet cupcakes one day. Moreso for my little guy. I have been getting great reviews from those of you that tried these SUCKAS !!!