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So its been exactly 9 months since we switched over to non homogenized  milk.. In specific we get the Fresh Milk from sheldon creek farm in ontario. Growing up in pakistan, CJM canteen wasn't exactly the best place to buy food..with my 5 rupees i bought a coke and chilli chips every day.. it was my daily snack.. however We did come come to nutritious healthy meals everyday for lunch. In canada, my kid is in school at 8 30 and from there at 3 he is off to tae kwando and reaches home at 6 pm  5 days a week. At this point I had made up my mind that the Kid is going to only eat whole foods with least amount of junk possible..So we decided to make the switch.. And heres why non homogenized  milk is so much better..Do things the way nature intended..the reason why people are lactose intolerant or have so many allergies is because your milk is processed.. now i know why every time i had regular milk I would get gas.. YES  you heard me GAS !!  thanks to my childhood days of MILK PACK....w…