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Chickpea salad with garlic feta

I wouldn't say my kid is a picky eater however he is someone who prefers anything but chicken or meat..In the past I had to figure out ways to make sure he gets his protein intake..After endless attempts of shredding pieces of chicken into minuscule and microscopic shreds he still managed to pick out the tinee-tiny bits out of his mouth and yell out with his eyes fixated on Toopy and Binoo "There is chicken in this" !!!! I as usual would deny this and get THE LOOK from Imaad for lying. LOL ! Our parenting styles differ, he obviously felt lying to the kid is bad regardless of why even if its a white lie. Whereas, me, Ive always felt a white lie that doesnt kill anybody is hardly a lie. I know all you women out there are nodding your heads in agreeance with me. We have all been there ! So recently, I have come to learn that I guess we should accept each other for who we are. In the same way, I feel I should just cater to my kids likes and dislikes and the stress in my lif…